DIY Solar charger for ipad (Fabriquer un chargeur USB solaire iPad)

Written by Hedgehog Team le 01 august 2012 -

Here is my tutorial to create a DIY iPad solar charger without battery (sorry in french, but translator can help you) :

Google Translation

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Written by Hedgehog Team le 29 july 2012 -

Skybox spherical - Volume 1 coming soon

In the pack, you will find 24 spherical maps to do spherical skyboxes, perfect for
mobiles devices and tablets (images size 1024/512), can be used on PC / Mac too.

  • 12 Various skybox with clouds and planets.
  • 12 Various skybox with clouds or not, and without planet. 
  • 1 mesh specially made for this pack (the top of the mesh match perfectly, no texture pinch, versions with and without caps).

Screenshot are made from unity (one example scene), easy and ready to use. 

Screenshoot :

Swords pack in progress :

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Written by Hedgehog Team le 29 july 2012 -

Welcome on the Hedgehog Team website, we create content for the Unity3D
game engine (scripting, textures, effects). Take a look :)


  • Skybox Spherical Volume 1 coming soon! 

  • New prices for Lock N Shoot and Toon Effect Volume 1! Check Scripting and Effects pages :)


Enjoy your iPad with the easy touch library!

Create turrets easily with Lock'N'Shoot!

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Free stuff...

Written by Hedgehog Team le 28 july 2012 -

For BlitzBasic :

Here is the commercial version of BCF 3.0 library for free (read licence file)
BCF 3.0

For Unity :

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Written by Hedgehog Team le 28 july 2012 -

To contact us :

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